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Old Friends

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Chris and I were best friends in high school. In our sophomore year, we were in French class when we heard that President Kennedy had been shot and at lunch when Walter Cronkite told the world he was dead. Assassinated.
One month later, Beatles music came to America and that, as much as anything, pulled us out of a slump.
Our junior year, we took the train to Quebec with the French Club, where I had my kleenex-on-the-head meltdown.
So we went through a lot together.
After graduation, she went to an exclusive liberal arts college in Illinois, and I went to CSU, which I hated and quit after one year.
We both married young. She moved to New Jersey to teach elementary school, I went through some bad times and maybe so did she. Our lives diverged and we lost touch.
Flash forward 35 years. I wanted more than anything to reconnect with Chris but could find no trace of her on the internet.
One night, I was teaching a class in research methods and decided to give my class the impossible assignment of finding her. Maybe, I thought, they’d have some ideas I hadn’t thought of, although I didn’t expect much to come of it.
I told them what I knew about her and her family, and within about 30 seconds, one student told me she thought she knew Chris’s brother.
And so, as a result of asking a futile question in a lost cause, I was able to reconnect with her. That was 2004. We’ve gotten together a few times when she’s come to Colorado. (I don’t travel.) She has lived her entire adult life in New Jersey and feels much more comfortable there than here, while I cannot imagine living anywhere but Colorado.
She’s still one of the smartest people I know. We have identical political views and social values, and we both love books more than people. I always look forward to seeing her on Facebook.
It’s a cliché that true friends can go years without talking and still pick up right where they left off. I never would have thought that a friendship started when I was 15 would still be strong today, especially after a gap of 35 years.
I don’t remember how we first met, but some people you just click with. You know right away that something special connects you. Time doesn’t matter. Distance doesn’t matter.
There are, at a minimum, 47 different kinds of love. This is one.