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Why I love Chick-fil-A (It’s not about the food)

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The last several years of my dad’s life, he and my stepmother went to their local Chick-fil-A for lunch every day. There they were treated as treasured family members by the staff and other regular customers. It literally made their day.
Everybody there was their friend. Even the young, teenaged counter workers came to chat with them. They took the time to listen to my parents’ stories about the old days and shared their own lives, too.
As Dad grew frailer, somebody was always there to help him to and from the car. If he was too sick to make the trip, someone would deliver their order to the house. Once when he was in the hospital, a CFA manager took him a chicken sandwich and brought his wife and baby to visit.
His doctors were convinced that having Chick-fil-A to look forward to extended his life by several months. As Dad’s health failed, he was unable to do much of anything, but he always made it to CFA until the last week of his life, when he could no longer even leave his bed.
The young couple who managed CFA had their first baby while Dad was bedridden and no longer always aware of his surroundings. They brought their 3-day old son to meet Dad the night before he died.
CFA staff not only came to his funeral, the owner-manager insisted on supplying the food for the after-funeral gathering. When my stepmother had to start going to lunch by herself, a staff member always came to sit and talk to her so she wouldn’t have to be alone.
CFA President Dan Cathay says their goal is to create raving fans. Because of their kindness and care for my parents, they made me a raving fan for life. In fact, they are a beloved member of my family.
I also like the food.