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Both Sides Now

In Learning, Resistance, Prejudice on August 16, 2017 at 5:55 am

So it’s come to this, an American president defending Nazis, calling them fine people. We tried to warn you. It was obvious this man was unhinged, undisciplined, unfit, but you refused to listen. “He speaks his mind and says what he thinks,” you said. Now you know what he thinks. Now we all know.

If you still support him, we know what you think, too.

He thinks both sides are equally at fault for the violence in Charlottesville. One side came with torches in the night, shields and weapons and Nazi slogans in the day. The other side said, No. They are not equal. White supremacy is evil. Nazis are evil. The KKK is evil. You can’t side with them and pretend to be Christian, or a good person, or an American. This is over. Whose side are you on?

You thought he would shake things up, and he has certainly done that. His ignorance and recklessness will destroy us as a country if we let him continue; he has already destroyed our reputation and leadership role with the rest of the world.

What we need now is a show of true patriotism and courage from both sides of congress. We need you to admit that this can’t go on. We need you to Stand up for your country and take him down.

We need both sides to work together.

Both Sides.


The History Train

In Learning, Prejudice, Resistance on August 15, 2017 at 7:31 am

We’ve had a busy few days since Charlottesville, and the fallout continues. Some have called it a breaking point when America can no longer deny what our racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, ignorant, lying so-called president has wrought. I sure hope they’re right. It would be nice to think we have finally turned the corner on this dark period.
Meanwhile, this happened:
Forty-eight hours after the violence Trump finally said “racism is evil” and denounced neo-Nazis and the KKK in a statement considered weak and cowardly in the mainstream media and celebrated by white supremacists.
Three CEOs have resigned from the White House manufacturing council in protest of Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence.
TIKI Brand, the company responsible for creating tiki torches, issued a statement separating themselves from the neo-Nazis who used their products at the rally.
The mayor of Lexington KY announced plans to remove two confederate statues from the courthouse.
Officials in several states, including Florida and Maryland have also called for the removal of confederate statues.
Protesters in Durham NC didn’t wait for official action. Chanting “No KKK no fascist USA,” they pulled down a statue of a confederate soldier.
Social media sites are working to identify participants in the Charlottesville rally. So far, one man lost his job, another was disowned by his family, and a third may be expelled from college.
Those who beat up Deandre Harris have been identified and police are searching and will arrest them.
The man who drove his car into a crowd killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others is in jail without bond.
Go Daddy canceled the domain name for a white supremacist website. When they registered the site with Google, that company also canceled it.
Texas A&M canceled a white supremacist rally scheduled for 9/11.
And so it continues.
In 1971, Paul Simon wrote Peace Like a River, containing these words, “Misinformation followed us like a plague” and “You can’t outrun the history train” that seem curiously prophetic today.
I know I’d like some peace like a river, even if only for a day or two.

Venus Envy

In Church, Prejudice, Resistance on July 31, 2017 at 6:36 am

“I wouldn’t go to a church with a woman pastor,” a relative told me.
“I wouldn’t go to a church that didn’t allow women pastors,” I replied.
One of the reasons I chose my church is because it had a woman pastor.
Years later, when she left, the (female) bishop assigned a 30-year-old male pastor to our church. I had misgivings, first about his youth.
During the interim period between pastors, we had a guest preacher, a man, who told us we should be really happy about the change because “You’re getting what everybody wants—a male pastor.” I was furious and not inclined to like our new young, male pastor.
I’d been fighting this male bias all my life and at 64, I was long past sick of it.
Luckily, when he came, he won me over right away. As my 80-something friend said after his first sermon, “That boy can preach.” Indeed he can. Another friend thinks he’s “a real man of God.”
He showed me that men can support women and women’s issues just as strongly as women can. Other men in our congregation confirmed it. In my church male or female is a nonissue, as is gay or straight, young or old and other dichotomies that will probably occur to me as soon as I post this.
I can’t say the same for the world outside our church doors, although last week was a good one for women, starting with Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski breaking with their party line and voting against the draconian health care non-bill, even though Johnny-come-lately McCain was (typically) given all the credit. Senator Collins was greeted with applause in the Bangor airport when she returned home to Maine, something that has never happened before in her twenty years in the Senate.
It was a beautiful thing to watch.
Then we got to see Democratic Representative Maxine Waters repeatedly “Reclaiming my time” when Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to squander her allotted time and avoid answering her pointed questions.
It was a beautiful thing to watch.
Most of the (straight, white) men in charge of almost everything still see women as “less than.” But more and more men accept and treat us as equally worthy, and they’re raising their sons and daughters to do the same.
It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

First the Bad News

In Learning, Resistance on July 26, 2017 at 6:05 am






We talked about the good old days when the news consisted of more than whatever atrocity the man in the White House committed that day. You remember. Last year. Before DJT.
One friend said she wondered if the mainstream media doesn’t go too far in trashing him, thereby turning off his supporters even more.
I said I didn’t think they were “trashing” him, just reporting the truth, and the truth is that he and his fellow republicans keep doing some truly despicable things.
Someone said he knew other things were still happening in the world, and he wants to hear about them.
I’ve been thinking about it. I do that sometimes—speak first, think later.
So I paid close attention to ABC News tonight and found this: The first seven minutes of the newscast focused on whether or not Trump will fire Attorney General Sessions and on Senator McCain’s return from brain surgery to vote to take health care away from tens of millions of people. Okay, that last part is my editorializing.
In the six minutes before the commercial break, they covered five stories, including a child’s death at a summer camp, a company that’s microchipping its employees and the future of microchipping for things like medical records and passports.
After the next break, they had a story about the death of a baby orca whale at Sea World. One minute and another break.
Next came five short stories in two minutes before the last break.
America Strong, a final inspirational story, featured the rescue of a pet dog from a fire in Bakersfield CA and how a group of Girl Scouts raised $2400 to buy special pet oxygen masks for every fire station in the city. Notably, this was the only positive news presented in the entire show.
While Washington politics dominated the first and longest slots, ABC News did present several other stories, albeit briefly. They could have easily spent less time on the political crap (more editorializing) and either lengthened the other pieces or added more.
My concern at the end of the show, though, dealt with how, except for the final signature feature, all the news was negative. No wonder we’re so depressed. I know that good things happen every day; why are they not considered newsworthy?
To counter all this negativity, I started following the Good News Network. I can see their uplifting stories every day, and on the weekend I watch CBS News Sunday Morning. That’s always good news. Too bad it’s only on once a week.

As if Nothing Has Changed

In Learning, Resistance, spirituality on July 20, 2017 at 5:59 am

My life rolls along smoothly. I make meals, read books, chat with friends, cuddle my cat, work on writing projects, and go to church as if nothing has changed. Then I’ll put a load of laundry into the dryer, and suddenly I remember.
Donald F**king Trump was elected president.
I still can’t accept that.
I read the news and hear, as Shepard Smith said, “lie after lie after lie” and listen to republicans make jaw-dropping excuses for his (and their) behavior and I wonder how can we make it through this disaster?
They are systematically dismantling our way of life, trying to do away with the free press and freedom of religion, the human rights of LGBTQ and minority people, destroying the environment, denying health care to millions. Etcetera.
I remind myself that the Chinese symbol for crisis contains both the words danger and opportunity. The danger seems stark and clear, but I can’t find the opportunity. How can we possibly use this catastrophe in our country to create something better, something whole and good?
Every day I see the face of evil and hit the panic button. Then I breathe and tell myself we need to shake things up once in a while. Yet all I see is Danger, Will Robinson. It feels as if we are lost in space.
All we can do is proceed with caution and proceed with love, knowing that tens of millions of people, including my friends, are putting one foot in front of the other and getting through each day by living and breathing resistance.
Today’s musical accompaniment takes us back 50 years to another time of darkness. Listen to Stevie Wonder sing A Place in the Sun.  Back then, we marched, we sang, we resisted, and we stopped a war. We brought down a president.
We do the best we can trying to find a way through the muck to a better world. We can’t quite see it yet, so we act on faith that it’s out there.
Sometimes living my life, loving my friends, and finding pockets of happiness seem like the most radical things I can do.