Dixie Darr


In Books, creativity, Home on July 7, 2017 at 6:37 pm

I’ve been a little on edge all week. I blame the heat and the return of my gout and my air conditioning problems and my friend’s frightening encounter with the police and a holiday I couldn’t celebrate.
At times like these, I lose myself in books and music.
I’m reading Song of the Lion, that third entry into the Chee and Leaphorn Navajo mysteries conceived by Tony Hillerman and continued after his death by his daughter, Anne Hillerman. The second one disappointed me, but so far this one is fine. It’s also set in winter, which helps me to mentally cool off a little during this heat wave.
The playlist I listen to the most includes my current obsession, Africa by Toto (Toto?), The Blue Danube, Rhapsody in Blue, Leonard Cohen’s Anthem, some Paul Simon, and anything by the Beatles.
That reminds me. Happy birthday to Ringo, who turns 77 on 7/7.
So. The holiday is over, my air conditioning is fixed, I’m coping with gout by taking more ibuprofen than I should, and I’m having breakfast tomorrow with my friend. Things are looking up.
Now if the temperature would just beat a retreat, I might reset to happy next week.


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