Dixie Darr

Lost in America

In Uncategorized on July 4, 2017 at 8:09 am

I woke to this headline: As U.S. Retires as World Leader, China and Germany step up.
I can’t find much to celebrate this Independence Day.
My cousin Sandy agrees. “(It) really takes the fun out of the 4th of July to have that fool in the White House. Can’t get enthusiastic about the songs or anything patriotic.”
We lead the world only in things like weapons, violence, and the number of people in prison. If you think America is the greatest country in the world, watch this clip from the HBO series, Newsroom. The other countries of the world (except Russia!) share a universal disdain for our so-called leader. Just six months ago, our President was the most admired man in the world. How quickly things change.
Our Constitution, our character, and our very democracy are under attack by the human POS in the White House.
The one bright note I see is that the Resistance is alive and well. In the words of Paul Simon, “They’ve all gone to look for America.” Make no mistake, she’s lost and needs our help. Our legacy will be that we did not vote for the son of a bitch. We resisted, and we kept resisting.
Maybe our biggest disappointment is that 62 million people thought putting this man in the White House was a good idea. And after all the chaos and devastation he’s caused during his first six months, millions (although not 62 million) still think so.
I heard someone say, “things are bad now, but they’ve been bad before.” Really? When? When have we had a president doing everything he can to dismantle our democracy? Anyone? I posted this on Facebook, and one friend suggested that the last time this happened was when King George III was still in charge.
You know what it took to get rid of him. That is what we’re celebrating today.


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