Dixie Darr

Return to Upright Position

In spirituality on June 12, 2017 at 5:57 am

On Sunday, many, maybe most, of my church family will march in Denver’s Pride Parade. We will stand our ground on the side of what is good and true and right. On the side of justice and love.

This year the United Methodist Church made news because we in the Mountain Sky Region elected a wise and compassionate woman, Reverend Karen Oliveto, who is also a lesbian, to be our Bishop, and that’s a violation of one or two lines in the church’s voluminous Book of Discipline.

The founder of the Methodist Movement, John Wesley, had three simple rules to live by: Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God.

Yet some within the denomination persist in doing harm to LGBTQ people by rejecting and condemning them because of whom they love. Their hatred is so intractable that within the church has grown an independent network of reconciling ministries, committed to ending institutional oppression. My church is a part of this network.

Our pastor pointed out that historically every time the church excluded somebody, e.g. women, African Americans, the church was wrong, and it is wrong now.

The regressive mood in the country that has states passing laws allowing discrimination also demands our presence and support of this maligned community. We will not go backward.

Although I would dearly love to be there, medical issues prevent me from marching. I have extracted a promise that next year we’ll have a float for church ladies and others who need to ride in the parade. Because we will be back next year.

Our church sports banners proclaiming, “We are PROUD that God loves all people.” People who walk, bike, and drive through the neighborhood frequently stop to take a picture. One man was overheard saying “Good job, Highlands Methodist, good job.”

That’s what we’re here for.

Good work.

And that’s why we’ll be marching in person or in spirit in the parade next Sunday.

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