Dixie Darr

Kindness of Strangers

In Learning, spirituality on June 2, 2017 at 6:17 am

Nobody knew when she woke up, got dressed, and decided to take a walk, but at 7 a.m. they’d already been looking for her for a couple of hours.

She looked a little forlorn, though nicely dressed in slacks, a flowered blouse, and sweater, sitting in a booth at Denny’s with her walker parked beside her. The manager, a big burly young man with his blonde hair pulled into a ponytail, sat across from her and calmly talked to her.

Her name was Marcelle, and although she didn’t know her address, she said she could show him where she lived. She tried to remember, pounding her leg in frustration.

He called the police and heard they were already looking for her and would be at the restaurant soon to take her home. The manager went back to the booth to sit and talk with her until the police arrived. The police officers, two more young blond men said her daughter was waiting for her. They asked her a few questions while everybody waited for the EMTs to come and check her out.

When she couldn’t answer the EMT’s questions and seemed confused, they took her to the hospital, asking her permission first.

Five young men, probably not a single one over thirty, each treated her gently and with dignity.

Of course, the police and EMTs are trained to deal with emergency situations. I doubt, however, that is included in the Denny’s management training.

When I went to the counter to pay, the manager was there. “You were very good with that woman,” I told him. He blushed a little and said thanks. “I’m really glad you were here for her.”

Sometimes you find kindness and compassion in unlikely places.


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