Dixie Darr

To Love Somebody

In Home, spirituality on May 8, 2017 at 8:29 am

If your church tells you LGBTQ people are incompatible with Christian teachings, your church is an abomination. Jesus told us to love one another. Period. He didn’t say it’s okay to love this person but don’t even think about loving that one over there.

Unfortunately, the United Methodist Church finds itself having to publicly defend its position that LGBTQ people are incompatible with Christian teachings, and I am a member of a UMC congregation. My beloved Highlands UMC is a reconciling congregation, which means we believe that our LGBTQ friends and family are just as worthy as everyone else of God’s love and protection.

Reverend Karen Oliveto, the first openly gay UMC bishop, is our bishop, and her election has spurred much reflection and heel digging within the church. She is warm and wise and a much better person than I will ever be. Nobody who meets her can say she is unworthy of her office, but some people just seem determined to hang onto their hate.

And don’t start on me with “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Calling someone a sinner and telling them they’re going to hell is not generally considered an acceptable way to express love. It might even be considered incompatible with Christian teachings. Bishop Oliveto in an interview on NPR, said it best: “wherever love is, God is.”

The UMC could end up splitting over this issue.

I could go find another church to attend, yet I’m staying. Why?

Because I love my church family, and we’re not “that kind” of Christians.

Because I don’t know anyone who agrees with me 100%.

Because with continued work and prayer we just might bring around those who disagree with us.

Because I’m not willing to leave the UMC to bigots and hatemongers.

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