Dixie Darr

In the Beginning was the Word

In spirituality on April 25, 2017 at 9:39 am

I love words. I love reading, writing, and talking. Ask anyone. During my lifetime, I’ve made a living doing each one of them, and now that I’m no longer working, I do them all for free.

By most estimates, the English language has more than a million words, all made by combining a mere 26 letters. That’s more than any other language because we beg, borrow, steal, adapt, and adopt words with abandon from other languages. We have no shame, although rest assured that thanks to our passionate pilfering proclivities, we have plenty of words that mean “shame.”

Scientists say language is our most human characteristic. We use it to provoke, warn, flatter, explain, calm, think, imagine, blame, argue, prevaricate, and to shine a light of truth on the world.

I’m a United Methodist. You may have seen on the news that our church officially denies LGBTQ people as being compatible with Christian teachings. Bullshit. The people of the South Central Jurisdiction, encompassing Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri, are desperately hanging onto their hate and prejudice and trying to impose those beliefs onto those of us in the West, who elected a lovely and loving woman as our bishop. Our bishop.

Can you tell I’m angry?

My church has a banner that proclaims Love is Love. Isn’t that the ultimate Christian value? Shine the light of truth.

Say the word I’m thinking of.

Have you heard? The word is Love.



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