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A Fine Mess

In Books, Lent - Season of Change on April 15, 2017 at 4:06 pm

Lent—Season of Change, the Final Day

Sooner or later, if you check books or other materials out of the library, you’ll be faced with fines. Here are a few tips to avoid them.

Keep library books in one place so you don’t lose them and have to pay the replacement fee.

Carry library books in a separate bag, not one that also contains your take-out lunch. I put them in the same bag once and the sauce leaked out of the take-out container all over the book. Oy.

Download Kindle or audio books. They disappear automatically when the check-out period ends.

Use the due date slip as a bookmark or obsessively mark due dates on your calendar. I can’t seem to do this myself, but I hear it works for other people.

Find a library that sends an email reminder about upcoming due dates. Both my libraries do this, but I still found myself accumulating fines.

Bonus – find a library that will automatically renew any books eligible for renewal. Denver Public Library does this and it’s a wonderful service.

Set reminders on your phone or other electronic devices. Enter weekly reminders that will prompt you to return library materials.

If you check out a lot of books (guilty) and can’t seem to check the website for due dates every single day, choose one day a week (e.g. Saturday) and only check out books on that day. You can go to the library for other things, of course, but only check out books on your designated day. Then every Saturday, check the website to see what’s due on that day. I haven’t had to pay a fine since I started doing this.

Join Friends of the Library or volunteer and you may get amnesty on fines. Ask the librarian about any other amnesty programs.

If all else fails, you can probably find an app that will help. I wouldn’t know. I only use my phone for the occasional (and I mean occasional) text or call and to listen to audio books.

You really need to return books when they’re due and pay your fines. It all helps the library.

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