Dixie Darr

A Prayer for Heartless Meanies

In Lent - Season of Change on March 30, 2017 at 7:41 am

Lent – Season of Change, Day 26

It is possible that I don’t have the most honorable instincts about prayer. I’m honestly astonished when people raise hateful people, say racists or murderers in prayer. My favorite character in Fiddler on the Roof was the rabbi who, when Tevye asked him if there was a proper blessing for the czar, replied, “May God bless and keep the czar – far away from us!”

So you won’t be surprised to learn that I dearly love this short poem by Danish scientist, inventor, and poet Piet Hein. He was also a resistance leader during the Nazi occupation.

An Ethical Grook

I see
and I hear
and I speak no evil;
I carry
no malice
within my breast;
yet quite without
a man to the Devil
one may be
to hope for the best.

No, I’m not thinking of anyone in particular. Why do you ask?


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