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In Lent - Season of Change on March 8, 2017 at 2:51 pm

Lent – Season of Change, Day 7

It took Joanna Penn a while to find work she loves and then several more years to build it into making a living with that work. Although she is now known best as the creator and host of the indie publishing podcast, the Creative Penn, she has already navigated several career transitions.

After earning a Masters degree in Theology at Oxford University, she spent 13 years as a consultant implementing accounts payable systems in companies across Europe and Asia Pacific. Although the job paid well, it left her longing to do something more creative, and every few years she’d resign to try something new – an online travel website, a scuba diving charter business, property development.

Each venture ended with her return to consulting when the money ran out.

In 2006, she turned those experiences into a book about searching for the right job, and she realized that writing was the career she was yearning for. Her blog and podcast led to writing fiction and nonfiction and professional speaking.

Five years later, she was able to leave consulting and become a full time author-entrepreneur. Her business, The Creative Penn, includes a podcast that consistently ranks as one of the best podcasts for writers, a blog, speaking, and writing both fiction and nonfiction. To date, she has published 21 books and sold more than 500,000 copies in 84 countries and five languages. She has become one of the most influential people in indie publishing and is both a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Now she’s ready to reinvent herself again by establishing Curl Up Press, a small, independent publishing house. She acknowledges the irony of joining the industry she has argued against for years, but points out that the outsider becomes the mainstream eventually in any industry.”

If you’re a writer and not listening to her weekly podcast, you need to start now. You can thank me later.


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