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In Lent - Season of Change on March 4, 2017 at 5:03 pm

technology44Lent – Season of Change Day 4

Twenty years ago, I said hell was a place where you were always available by phone. You could say I have a tentative relationship with technology, although the truth is that I love everything but talking on the phone. These days I’m grateful to have a cell phone, but I use it primarly for texting and listening to audio books. I have a laptop, iPad, Amazon Fire tablet, Kindle and Amazon Echo for other uses.

Funny guy David Sedaris describes his evolving use of technology in an essay titled, “Think Diferenter” in Let’s Explore Diabetes in Owls. He started with a Walkman and only reluctantly gave it up for an iPod. After it had an unfortunate toilet accident, he moved on to an iPhone.

“The iPhone 2 led to the 3, but I didn’t get the 4 or 5 because I’m holding out for the 7, which, I’ve heard on good authority, can also be used as a Taser. This will mean I’ll have just one less thing to carry around. And isn’t that technology’s job? To lighten our burden? To broaden our horizons? To make it possible to talk to your attorney and listen to a Styx album and check the obituaries in the town where your parents continue to live and videotape a race riot and send a text message and stun someone into submission all at the same time?”

He admits that doing all that while driving is illegal where he lives, so he’s moving to “a place where freedom still means something.”

Someday, maybe I’ll appreciate a single device that will do everything (except tase). Meanwhile, I’ll remain grateful for what I have a tiny bit skeptical of the rest.


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