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Although I used to read a lot of science fiction, I moved on to other genres in about 1970. Sometimes, though, a book just screams to be read. All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai reads like a breezy letter from a friend. Remember those?

Tom Barren lives in a 2016 that resembles the Jetsons’-like future imagined by 1950s and ’60s authors. Flying cars, automated and personalized, well, everything were all made possible by harnessing the endless energy of the movement of the planet through space, which “fueled a technological revolution that transformed the world.” The inventor, Lionel Goettreider has become a cultural icon, whose name is spelled by children singing to the tune of Mickey Mouse. It is, according to Tom, “the world we were supposed to have.”

A catastrophic accident lands Tom in the 2016 where we live, which seems hopelessly backward and foul to him, a “degraded mirror of the world.” Slowly, though, he finds certain aspects of our time that he prefers to his own.

Tom learns that only he has the power/opportunity to save the world. But which one will he save? The technological utopia or the sweet, flawed now? Is it possible to have both?

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Tropper, has this to say about it. “A novel about time travel has no right to be this engaging. A novel this engaging has no right to be this smart. And a novel this smart has no right to be this funny. Or insightful. Or immersive. Basically, this novel has no right to exist.” I can’t argue with that.


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