Dixie Darr

Bugs on the Brain

In Uncategorized on February 13, 2017 at 10:50 am


I was chatting with Esther and Dan before church yesterday and asked them, “What’s the title of that famous Russian short story about a man who woke up as a cockroach?”

I’m planning to write a series of posts for Lent using secular essays, stories, poems, etc. on the topic of change, and this seemed like an obvious one to include.

Esther knew what I was talking about, but she couldn’t think of the title either. Dan, on the other hand, let me know it was outside his bailiwick. “Sounds to me like a question for Google,” he said, whipping out his phone.

Just then Erin slid into the pew ahead of us and said hi. “Hey, Erin,” I said, “what’s the title of that Russian short story about a man who woke up as a cockroach?”

“Oh,” she said, “um, uh, The Metamorphosis.”


Dan seemed disappointed that she got it before he could find it online.

Apparently, I had everything wrong.

It’s a novella, not a short story.

The author, Franz Kafka, was Czech, not Russian.

The bug the man becomes is never identified as a cockroach. It’s just a hideous bug.

With my erroneous description, could Google have answered my question? I searched for my original question this morning, and the first result was the Wikipedia entry for The Metamorphosis.

I intended to make a point about the human brain still being better than a search engine, but it turns out I just talk faster than Dan can type.


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