Dixie Darr

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Books

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2017 at 8:47 pm


46-rulesI try very hard to avoid buying books. This is partially a budget concern and partially a question of space. I ran out of bookshelves many years ago and started going to the library instead. When I hear of an interesting book, I read about it on Amazon, then check my local libraries. If they don’t have it, I try interlibrary loan. This is almost always successful, although I frequently have to wait a few weeks for the books. That’s fine because I never lack for reading material. Sometimes, though, even these sources fail me.

My plan B is back at Amazon where I can sometimes borrow the book free from their lending library. Of course, this option is most likely to pan out for indie published Kindle books. For “real” books, I check AbeBooks.com and ThriftBooks.com where used books usually sell for less than through Amazon. ThriftBooks was where I ordered The 46 Rules of Genius by Marty Neumeier when all other sources failed me. I told myself for months that I really didn’t need another book about creativity. I’m so glad I got past that issue because I love this book. It frustrated me a little bit because the descriptions are very short and I kept wanting examples to help my understanding, but passages like this make it more than a worthwhile read:

“Genius is a person who takes creativity to the point of originality while creating better and more beautiful things—tools, objects, experiences, relationships, situations, solutions, and ideas. Genius . . . .strives for elegance, ethics, and a level of quality that comes from mastery.”

Now I want to read it again.

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