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My Literary Advent Calendar, Day Twenty-Seven

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Los Posadas

Several years ago, I found a beautiful pop-up book called Christmas Around the World and bought it for all my friends. It tells that throughout most of Latin America, people reenact the Christmas story by going from house to house seeking shelter. The tradition of Los Posadas (the Inns) continues for nine days prior to Christmas and ends on Christmas eve at a life-size manger scene.

Celebrations include feasts, fireworks, church bells, pinatas, and flowers. Simple or elaborate nativity scenes, or nacimientos form the core of home decorations. In Tenorio Flat, the 1950s hispanic neighborhood of Santa Fe where author Dorothy Pillsbury lived, her neighbors decorated the deep windows in their adobe houses with homemade Christmas scenes.

The Melendez casita was one of the poorest in the neighborhood. A Melendez ancestor “carved out funny fat little sheep and oxen and lop-eared burritos. He made a rough little manger. He made his dear familiars, the saints . . . . Mrs. Melendez places all the figures in the green forest of her geranium plants” and keeps a single candle burning.

What would you put in your Christmas window? What symbols mean Christmas to you?


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