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My Literary Advent Calendar, Day Twenty-Four

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Home for Christmas

I’m probably being unfair. The woman lost her home and all her possessions, after all, but this story struck all the wrong notes with me. I’ll be Home for Christmas by Brooke Linville was included in one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas books, pretty schmaltzy stuff.

She was was only a month from delivering her first child when their house and the whole neighborhood burned down. They managed to save their photos and pets and nothing else. She had imagined her new baby celebrating Christmas there and had just started making the baby’s stocking when the fire took everything.

She loved Christmas, the songs, the ornaments, even wrapping presents. Not this year. Their new house wouldn’t be finished until at least January, and while boxes of gifts and replacement ornaments continued to arrive, she couldn’t bear the thought of spending the holiday in their temporary rental home.

So she decided to cart the gifts and decorations to the unfinished new house where there was heat and there were walls but not much else. Friends and family visited and while “it wasn’t the Christmas at home I had expected . . . we were home. And there as peace and joy that Christmas day.”

What bothers me about this story is that the author reminds me of those people who need everything to be absolutely perfect or the day is ruined. Christmas-zillas. Yes, she found a way to celebrate a less-than-perfect day, although it came after pouting her way through the whole story. Would it really have been so horrible to have Christmas in a rental house?

The one thing we should learn from the Christmas story is that the location of the celebration is not what matters. Am I wrong?


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