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My Literary Advent Calendar, Day Seventeen

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Dog is my Co-Pilot

Most of you know that I’m a cat person. I adore cats and plan to come back as one in my next life. I teeter on the brink of becoming a crazy cat lady. Nevertheless, today’s reading is about dogs.

The title actually says it all. It’s a children’s book by Ray Bradbury called, Dogs Think That Every Day is Christmas.

“They lap it with their necktie tongues,

Devour it with wide, bright eyes that say, “Look at that weather! Try it on! Just my size.”

They lean out car windows like drunks at bars, snuffing gin, while drivers in the same cars, running, lose, they win!

They mark each tree in passing just to let the world know “I was here. Do you see? I was here!”

From the start of the glorious season

To the end of a marvelous year.

All smiles, with a guidon-staff tail wag

They silently shout, “Gee whiz!”

Because dogs wake each day to Christmas.

And, matter of fact, I’ll be damned,

It is!”

So hug your dogs tonight and wish them a Merry Christmas. Listen closely to what they have to say.

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