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My Literary Advent Calendar, Day Nine

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Monday December 5, 2016

Are you a fan of Walt Longmire? I’ve read all of Craig Johnson’s Longmire books and I’m working my way through season five of the tlongmireelevision series. Ministerial Aid is a short story set at or before the beginning of those stories. It’s New Years Day, 2000, a few months after Walt’s wife died and he’s wallowing in a funk of sleep and alcohol.

The local Methodist minister calls him to a “situation” at a local gas station. Walt arrives wearing a bathrobe, unshaven, unshorn, unbathed, and hung over. An 80-year-old woman has been sitting in her car in the parking lot all night waiting, she says, for the Messiah.

Returning after two thousand years and He chooses the Sinclair station in Powder Junction, Wyoming?” Walt asks.


When Walt investigates, he discovers that she has been beaten, but says, “He doesn’t mean to do it.”

He takes the woman home and is shocked when she introduces him to her husband as “Our Lord and Savior.”

Jesus H. Christ,” the husband responds.

The woman smiles and nods, “That’s right.”

Walt speaks privately to the husband, introducing himself as the county sheriff. He explains that he recently lost his wife who was the best thing that ever happened to him, even when they went through rough times. “You hit her again and I’ll be back, and this time it won’t take me two thousand years.”

Back at the station, the minister is relieved that the woman is okay, adding that “she seemed awfully confused.”

Well, like the rest of us . . .” Walt sighs, “she’s just waiting on something.”


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