Dixie Darr

My Literary Advent Calendar, Day Seven

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2016 at 6:10 pm

rocketIt’s Christmas Eve, 2052 in The Gift by Ray Bradbury. A mother, father and son board a flight to Mars and the parents have to leave behind the little boy’s Christmas gift, a small Christmas tree with white candles, because of weight restrictions. Some things never change.

The boy watches the clock, waiting for midnight, earth time, when Christmas finally arrives. His parents hearts are breaking because they will not be able to give him the tree he’s looking forward to. Then the father has an idea and rushes out, telling the boy to get ready. The father returns in 20 minutes and leads the boy and his mother to a large cabin. In the darkened room voices begin singing Christmas carols, and straight ahead a window on the universe displays “the burning and the burning of ten billion billion white and lovely candles.” The best Christmas tree ever.

It’s a story about a parent’s love for a child, the willingness of strangers to help a boy celebrate Christmas, and the creativity to use available resources to make an unconventional, but still glorious holiday. Jesus lives.


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