Dixie Darr

What I Did on My Day Off*

In Books, creativity, Learning on January 21, 2011 at 9:24 pm

First thing this morning, I made my weekly trip to the Tattered Cover bookstore. I love stores that open early in the morning (M-F 6:30 a.m.). While there I sampled three books:

Where Women Create, a quarterly Stampington publication

I love looking at creative people’s homes. This one featured Mary Emmerling whom I have been following for 20+ years.

Art Journaling, a semiannual Stampington publication

Great ideas for art journal techniques from a variety of artists.

59 Seconds : Change your Life in Under a Minute by Richard Wiseman

I especially liked his formula for a perfect diary, focusing on gratitude and the positive things in your life. I’ll be trying some of these techniques in my journal. Friday’s assignment is to review positive events in your life.

Back home, I listened to the audio version of Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson (also available in hard cover, CD and Kindle). I’m just getting started on this one. So far he’s talking about complexity of things such as large cities and the Internet which exponentially increase the occurrence of creative ideas.

In the car, I listened to the CD book People of Darkness by Tony Hillerman. It’s been 25 years since I first read it and am enjoying my second trip through Navajo country.

Lunch at Chick-fil-A with a booth of screaming kids behind me. I read the ebook, Freedom, Money, Time and the Key to Creative Success by Mark McGuiness at Lateral Action. It’s basically a 34-page ad for his upcoming course in creative entrepreneurship that makes the point that artists and creatives have an unfair advantage at Internet marketing because they create original content. Good information. I was très relieved when the little brats behind me finally finished their chicken nuggets and moved on to the play area. I need to find a new place to have lunch.

I downloaded three podcast interviews and an ebook from Lateral Action’s ecourse in creative entrepreneurship.

Watched a short video of the living kitchen (tweeted by Leo at ZenHabits).

Reviewed four papers for the university writing center (my day job) and grew frustrated by the constant overuse and misuse of semicolons. There are only two legitimate uses for semicolons, people. If you don’t know what those are, just don’t use them at all, okay?

At 3 p.m. I joined an online master class on blogging with Leo Babauta of A-List Blogging. I appreciated the brief reviews of four websites, but found the “chat” annoying.

That’s it. *Surprise! My day off was remarkably similar to every other day.


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