Dixie Darr

A Painful Lesson from Books

In creativity, Learning on January 8, 2011 at 5:54 pm

My weekly visit to the Tattered Cover bookstore started normally. I parked my car on Little Raven Street, the last street with free parking before entering lower downtown Denver.
I walked over the Millennium Bridge and past the construction site behind Union Station before arriving at the legendary bookstore. My first stop was the coffee shop. They didn’t have my favorite banana bread, but the maple walnut is very good, too, so that’s what I bought.
Following my usual pattern, I glanced at the new paperback nonfiction and then headed upstairs to look in careers, business, creativity, crafts, and health. As I bent down to pull a new book on creativity from the shelf, I felt my back give out. Straightening up was slow and painful. I hobbled to a nearby chair and lowered myself slowly into it breathing a heavy sigh of relief.
This has happened before and I know that the pain doesn’t go away quickly. I’d been having back pain working at the computer for more than a week. The night before, I had decided it was time to join the local recreation center and start regular workouts again. Too bad I hadn’t done it a week ago. Then this wouldn’t have happened.
Meanwhile, I examined the books I had selected. The one on creativity was a dud. Getting up again was agonizing. I wondered how I would make it back the four blocks to my car. If worse came to worst, I could always call a cab. I walked, though, slowly and carefully and spent the rest of the day trying not to move.
Next week, I’ll go to the gym and I’ll also return to the Tattered Cover, hoping for banana bread.


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