Dixie Darr

I’m not a minimalist, but

In Uncategorized on January 6, 2011 at 10:22 am

I am not a minimalist. Anyone who has ever seen my house will attest to that. I have a lot of stuff and I like to fill all shelves, corners, tabletops, and walls with my stuff. So when I read about people who limit themselves to 50 possessions, I am astounded and, yes, a bit horrified. That isn’t for me. I have more than 50 things in my purse and another 50 in the basket on my bedside table and another 50 in my top desk drawer. I could go on. Anyway, they all seem to be in their early 20s and they never have any furniture or dishes. What’s that about?
When I was sick last month and thought I might die, my biggest fear was that my perfect, tidy, sister-in-law would have to go through my house and discover the kind of squalor I really live in. So, as I began to heal, I also became determined that I would clear out the excess stuff and organize what was left.
It isn’t as if I hadn’t tried this before. I have a shelf full of books on decluttering. Interesting reading, but they never inspired me to actually do anything. Maybe this time.
My friend Pat claims that “We measure success in our home by how many boxes leave the premises: weeded books, donated clothing and household goods, papers to shred, gifts, mail, jars of raspberries. This is a seven-box night, plus a plump bag of mail.”
I’ve been to her house and she’s no minimalist either, so maybe I, too, can find some sort of middle ground. I’m determined to give it a try.


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