Dixie Darr

In creativity, Learning on April 6, 2009 at 1:49 pm
Colleges Whistle Same Tired Tune

Colorado’s college students, faculty and administrators are up in arms today because the state legislature, trying to cope with a budget shortfall, has proposed cutting $300 million in funding to higher education. The colleges, as usual, have responded by talking about huge tuition hikes of up to 32% over last year’s rates.
Here’s what I don’t understand. These colleges and universities supposedly house some of the best, most creative minds in the country. Why can’t they come up with a better idea to fund higher education? They have entire colleges of business plus centers for entrepreneurship and innovation. They have more intellectual property than you can shake a stick at, and yet they dish up the same old recipe of money from the state combined with tuition from the students. That’s the way it’s always been done, by God, and that’s the method they want to stick with.
My only hope is that, faced with an impossible situation, maybe they will finally figure out a new and (dare I say) better way to do things. Just a thought.

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