Dixie Darr

In creativity, Learning Tools on January 29, 2009 at 6:31 pm

From Phone to Study Machine

Sometimes it seems as if today’s students put more energy into figuring out how to cheat than any other school topic. They use their phones to text the answers to one another or to take pictures of the test for friends in later classes. They record the answers on an iPod so the teacher will think they are innocently listening to music during a test. They post instructional videos on YouTube to teach others how to cheat. They download pre-written papers from the internet. As soon as schools figure out how to stop them from using one method, they invent another. Ironically, if they would spend that much time studying, they wouldn’t need to cheat.

Finally, publishers are taking a cue from students and marketing study guides to use on iPhones and iPods. Kaplan SAT Flashcubes is the perfect on-the-go study guide to help students prepare for the Verbal section of the SAT exam. Kaplan’s Medical Terms for Nurses is designed to help nursing students learn important terms needed in both the workplace and for licensure exams.

Kaplan has more apps in the works, and other publishers are offering similar study guides to the potentially massive market of high school and college students. The guides are available at the iTunes store.

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