Dixie Darr

In Learning on September 30, 2008 at 1:47 pm

Failure to Communicate

My initial contact with Western Governors’ University was not especially positive. As I was searching the website for information about its Instructional Design program, I was annoyed by a pop-up enrollment counselor who wanted to chat. I ignored her.

I had a few questions that were outside the usual how to enroll genre, and I found a list of academic leaders, but it contained no contact information. Back to the pop-up counselor, I asked how to contact the person whom I thought could help me. Unfortunately, she had never heard of him and had no information about him. Her explanation was that he was “too high up” for me (or presumably, anybody) to talk to. Fine. I called the general information number, entered voice mail hell and discovered that, unless I had the person’s extension number, I couldn’t reach anybody but enrollment counselors.

Finally I googled the person I wanted, found an article he had written which included an email address and wrote him. He answered my question within a few hours, but I had to work MUCH too hard to contact him.

I don’t really understand the philosophy behind making it so difficult. If anybody has an insight into this, I’d love to hear it. Still, I’m very interested in learning more about WGU. Stay tuned.

  1. I read your posting with interest and concern. I’ve been worried that our phone system message and menu are not user friendly and will be looking into it.Email addresses of most faculty and staff are no longer published on the website because spam crawlers will “scrape” off the email address and sell them for other spammers.Live Chat counselors just don’t have the resources to know how to handle the range of questions like the one you answered. Sorry.Sincerely,Pat PartridgeVice President of MarketingWestern Governors Universityhttp:www.wgu.edu

  2. I goofed. I meant to say “questions like the one you asked.” Typed too hurriedly.Pat Partridge

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