Dixie Darr

In spirituality on May 7, 2007 at 8:01 am

Fairy Godmother

“Help me be a blessing to someone today.” Morning prayer

My stepmother keeps what I call a “Fairy Godmother” bank account. When she inherited money from her sister, she put it aside in a special account that she dips into only to give to others that she wants to bless. I have been the recipient of her philanthropy as have most of her nieces, nephews and grandchildren. She gives to nurses at my dad’s doctor’s offices who go out of their way to be friendly and anyone else who she thinks deserves a reward.

I told her that when I grow up and can put away a little money after I pay my bills, I want to have a Fairy Godmother account, too.

“It’s not just money,” she reminded me. “You can bless somebody by smiling and being friendly, by baking them something special or giving them a bouquet flowers from your garden.”

She’s right. My friend, Jane blesses me occasionally with CDs of music, books and seminars. Members of my church reward me when they tell me that my column is the first thing they look for when the get our local paper. My writers group generously pass on tips and contacts.

Looked at from this broader perspective, we can all be fairy godmothers. Start now.

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