Dixie Darr

In creativity, Learning, self-employment on May 2, 2007 at 9:02 am


“The human passion to carry all things everywhere, so that every place is home, is well on its way to homogenizing our planet.”

Barbara Kingsolver

“I really like your purse,” Maureen told me at our last Joyfully Jobless meeting.

“It isn’t a purse, it’s a yoga bag,” I said.

“Why do you call it a yoga bag?”

“It’s made to hold all your yoga gear.”

“Do you do yoga?”


“Are you planning to take up yoga?”


“Why do you have a yoga bag?”

Before our conversation turned into an Abbot and Costello routine and while she examined all the various zippered compartments, I explained that my sister-in-law takes yoga and asked for a yoga bag for Christmas. When I looked at ebags, I found that the black bag she wanted also came in purple, so I had to have that one.

Although I may never use the straps on the bottom meant for a rolled-up yoga mat, the bag works for me when I need to carry books or folders but don’t want to carry a briefcase.

Maureen says I’m her purse guru. She learned about the healthy back bag from me, too. (I have three of them.) If I have interesting purses, it’s because I’m a little obsessed with cornering the market on purple purses and also because I haven’t yet found the perfect purse, one that is compact, light-weight, organized, but big enough to carry my various books and notebooks. It would be nice if it also changed color when I change outfits because moving my stuff from one purse to another is a drag. I always seem to leave something I need in the old bag.

Usually we talk about our businesses: how things are going, what we need help with. When you work at home alone, it’s nice to have a colleague to check in with occasionally.

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