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In Uncategorized on December 22, 2006 at 10:19 am


“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

Bob Dylan

The sun is finally out and we have two feet of snow on the ground. The city worked all night to plow out the side streets. My problem is that my garage opens onto an unplowed alley, so I have no idea when I will be able to get my car out to the street.

Today, I plan to walk to the local business district two blocks away and try to find an ATM machine. Cash is the only thing I didn’t think to stock up on before the storm. Once I find a machine, I have to hope that the store is open and that it has money in it because the people who stock ATMs haven’t been able to get out, either.

Being snowbound lets you know quickly how much you like your own company. I’ve been fine for two days, but the thought of a few more days of solitude with my cats doesn’t exactly thrill me.

Normally on Friday mornings, I walk down to the Tattered Cover bookstore in LoDo (about a mile away) for banana bread from their coffee shop. I can’t get there today with all the snow. I’m reasonably sure they will be open today, but the bakery truck may not have been able to get there, even if the workers were able to get to the bakery to make the bread and other goodies.

This kind of storm affects all businesses, large and small. The malls are reopening today and will try to make up the two days of lost sales. In a week or so the snow will all be gone and forgotten. Meanwhile, I keep reminding myself that I’m much better off than those 4,700 people who were stranded at the airport overnight Wednesday. I’m safe, warm, and well-fed. I have power for my television, DVD, computer, telephone and stereo. Millions of people in the world would die for that.

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