Dixie Darr

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2006 at 10:38 pm

To Market To Market

“Marketing is not a function; it is a way of doing business.” Regis McKenna

Most people I know who decide to become self-employed neglect marketing. At first, things go pretty well. They get work from friends and relatives and figure word of mouth will carry them through. Eventually, though, everyone runs out of friends and family and they have to reach other people. That’s when they decide that self-employment isn’t for them after all and they go back to corporate life where somebody else brings in the business.

I was thinking about this as I drove this morning and I noticed a Geeks on Call PT Cruiser next to me. The logo on the doors was prominent and both the car and the company name made me smile. Then I noticed a small plastic business card box attached to the rear of the passenger side. Take One it said.

Now that’s marketing. Not only was the logo clearly visible to everyone passing by, potential clients could also help themselves to a card even when nobody was around.

Constant marketing—that’s what it takes.

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