Dixie Darr

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2006 at 6:27 am
Unstuck in Time

I’m feeling a little disoriented today, a situation that is likely to continue for several days until I get acclimated to the time change. This morning, my cat Radley woke me up before 4. It is very annoying, but it isn’t his fault because he thought it was 5 o’clock, when I normally get up. He doesn’t understand daylight savings time and, frankly, neither do I. Now I hear that next year, they are extending it from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. Why? In fact, why can’t they just leave it alone so we don’t have to deal with this lost in time feeling twice a year?

It was nice to have an extra hour yesterday morning so I could take a good long walk before church. I was amused Saturday night to hear the TV newscasters warning people to be sure to set their clocks back or they would be late to everything in the morning. Wrong. If they didn’t set their clocks back, they’d be early to everything.

So for the next several days, I am doomed to waking up at 4 and going to bed at 8. This is another reason to be happy that I work at home on my own schedule. If I want to do my work at 4 in the morning, I can.

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